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At the moment there are still some work being done on the site itself. However, this is a basic site for my own that contain all my work and files that I think it is useful to me and it is possible that it would be useful to the audience. If you have any suggesstion, let me know. As of now , I am making the site without planning ahead and I write as I go along and it might sound odd at some parts or the site doesn't look correctly on your PC. Most to all of the links will contain nothing but just text at the moment. I am working on the main page layout first, so that way all the layout throughout the site will look the same to this one.

24 August, 09:

Hello, it has been a while. I know I have been really busy and I didn't get a chance to add anything new to this page. All I did was add a movie list that I gathered. This list will generate itself once a new movie have been backup. Please feel free and look at the list which locate in the Misc. files section. Yes, I am too lazy to link. Click on the link to the left by yourself :p

28 March, 09:

As promised I made bit of an update. I update my own resume on the biography page since I have a new job now. The thing is I won't be able to store up to three jobs on one page. So I deleted the First one I put in. I want to fit my whole resume in one page. The second thing I added was just a news article on the tech section that I think is good to know. From now on I will try to keep the tech section the same as my blog by just copy and past to my blog. Of course, I still let the user who sign up for the new account can be an editor as well. I also will deleted the hotmail account from the right side, since I never really check that account anyway. Like before, please let me know if you want to add something.

24 March, 09:

Well well, well... Letís see here... It has been a while since I updated anything on this page. Two best excuses I can come up with is being busy and laziness. You would probably ask what I am I busy with. My answer would be a lot of things. For one, I got this new job at the Orange County Government, which is a great job that I been working for the past week. I also attend school as a full time student, so that kill my time as well. Other than that, my life is as exciting as the ocean waves crashing against the rocks. Wait a minuteÖ That would be a wrong analogy, let me rephrase that. It is exciting as a bag of sand. But whoever said I will update this page when all the sections are finished? But you canít say the word finish, because it will never be. I will try to add more contents on some of the links this weekend.
Oh yeah, I upgraded my computer up to 6 gigs of ram dual channel now and I have a 8800GTS video card with my 8600GS for Physx engine only. I also got tricked by Best Buy in thinking that I could purchase a 22Ē LCD for about $50. They send me email about two days later apologizing saying that they mislabeled their price and gave me a $10 online coupon. I will probably never purchase their goods again. Well maybe after I spend that $10, but itís probably expire already and I donít even know about it. But thatís about it, stay tune for more hopefully this weekened.

01 January, 09:

Well we finally reach New Year. I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all will have a good and safe year ahead. Don't do anything dangrous so that you get to live until the next year. I know we also have a day break for today. So I also hope you all have a fun day today. Yes, I been lazy and didn't really update anything during the holiday, not to mention I couldn't think of any new content to add beside the news which I really haven't been watching for the past week. I know, I am ashame of myself, but we'll see what happens when the holiday breaks are over. If you have any question or concern with the site or anything you think that it is useful to add to the site, you know what to do. Have a good one!

25 December, 08:

I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have a great holiday break and spend a great time with your family and friends. Also, the site is pretty much done. All the links are working now. The only thing I need to do is to add more content to where it is needed. Take care!


22 December, 08:

A bit busy today at work and around the house ever since the water pipes broke and it leaks to my room. So people had to come and fix it. Anyway, I was managed to fit in a bit of time to fix the remaining links. The "school files" link will have some contents but not the "work files" link yet. I am still thinking what to put on there at the moment. But I am done for today.

21 December, 08:

funnycatimgWell, as I promised myself, there are two links left at the end of the week today. I added quite a few things today. The "Biography" and "My Creation" links are up also. Please check it out. Other than that, I also added the Google search bar on the bottom for easier access if you are around my page. Obviously, you could use the one on top right from your browser. Let me know if there is anything I should change. Please refer it to the blog page. Have a nice day.

20 December, 08(Updated):

Add the Computer Hints section and the translation on the bottom left for other languages. I made it more complicated than it suppose to be with javascript for the darn flags. Oh well, now if you can't understand English, just use those buttons. Enjoy.

20 December, 08:

A major update today on the blog site. Change the skin to make it look better. Of course I didn't make the skin itself. I just applied it. The links page finally work now. I added quite a few links on there, please read up the links page for more information if you want to add a link. I will need to get the other pages done sometimes around this week. I can't promise it will be complete, but hopefully there will be 1 or 2 remain by the end of this week. From now on, please make use of the blog page as much as you can so you don't have to email me information regarding your opinions on the website itself. If it is something personal or a private matter, then you can just email me or message me through a messenger. Oh yeah, watch this page here to see how many characters you can identify as my friend gave me this link. I am a fan of the Final Fantasy series as well.

18 December, 08(Updated):

I tested it out the blog before and it looks like no one can register for it through the blog page to get the account. But I manage to fix it after long hours of working on it through a stupid ini file called "php.ini" in Apache folder. To fix it, all I need to do was add the name of the folder @ my domain. So it is like with a port of 25 as working smtp server. After this, just restart the server and it works! Apparently it was just one simple thing, but it took quite a while to research it. It is really worth it. Now I learn more about MySQL and how to use it in a database because of this blog thing. I didn't have time to add anymore links or contents to the page yet since I been working mostly with PHP and MySQL for the past 2 days. In any case, you can sign up for the blog page now and will be able to recieve a random password from it. You can change it at your own pleasure after signing into the blog itself. Go ahead and make some post if you want. Share the world what is going through your mind.

18 December, 08:

Another major update today with a blog/comments system on my page. I got to install 2 other separate programs and trying to making it work without luck. But then I found out that there is a program called WAMP which include Apache, MySQL and PHP together in one package. I am happy that I made the blog section work and figure out how to use the database sytem in MySQL a bit. Of course there are still more to learn. Also the blog now is just a basic theme, I don't have time to change it yet, but I could just keep it the same. You can sign up for an account if you want. Let me know if you have any problem doing it. Oh yes, leave a comment or anything you find useful in the world that you want to share in the blog. Have fun typing.

17 December, 08:

A good amount of work had been done today. I fixed most of the code errors by using the W3C Service. Thanks to one of my friend who told me to use xhtml 1.0 so that IE can see the icons now. Also, I added the contact info on the right and also the date and clock on the left. This is not that much useful, but it is something I would just like to do extra for the fun of it. I also changed the background image. I think it looks better than the black one anyway. Just let me know what you think. Now you can just click on the link to the right to email me. I believe the next day or later today I will add more links and content to the site... If I am not lazy.


16 December, 08:

Well, I added the Tech news link today and I also did a bit of cleaning up for the page. Also all the links now will not target="_blank" anymore. Instead, a friend told me to use the new layout by just making it an icon next to the link if it leads outside or any other links that is not particularly within my domain. Download links will also have an icon to show what file type it is.
An example of an external link would be something like this: externalimage
While a downloading zip file would be something like this: zipimage
You can see something similar to this like in Wikipedia website. Anyway, it just that if you are to click on an external link from now on, you will be lead to another site. You have to press the back button to go back to mine. Also, this will not work in most version of IE at the moment. Firefox will work fine and maybe some other browsers like Opera or Chrome. Since this is applying CSS 3. Let me know if you have another opinion on this link issue.


15 December, 08:

Good news! I managed to figure out how to work with include files in the apache program. It took me about 2 hours to figure it out but it is worth it. In my future work I don't have to keep pasting the same thing over and over again. All I have to worry now is the main part of each link which will be a breeze and less clutter on the code page. Since I code the all the pages in notepad now, it is best to have a reference. I still can't believe that darn setting have to be set in httpd.conf for the Apache folder... Thanks to this forum HERE.

14 December, 08(Updated):

Well, I said I was lazy but I was eager to try and find out why the problem is not fixed in IE. I went back to the CSS file and found the issue. It was the stupid "position: absolute;"in main that was causing the problem. I am glad that I fixed this problem, so I don't have to deal with it in the future nor I have to wait till IE updates itself.

14 December, 08:

Well, I managed to redo the site a bit and work with CSS since it can fit into the screen for other resolutions. But I still having a problem with IE and trying to debug it. If you know how to fix it, let me know. From now on, I'll work through CSS to keep things simple. I will also add some links later. But for today, I think that is enough and I am too lazy to go on.

13 December, 08:

So far I am just starting out. Added some text links on the left and right side of the site. Just to let you know that this won't be permanent since it can be change later. I always welcome new advices. For anyone that know the website or have me in any of the messenger list, let me know any advice you have. I only update the site when I am bored. Don't expect too much from me.

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