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By simply asking the question, "are you sure",

In regards to my erroneous last post which I've pondered over for the last few days stating that WW2 was a battle between Christianity and Judaism, I realized, I'm sure that it wasn't that simple. I feel I can come to an unbiased conclusion of what WW2 was about: first and foremost, it was a war fought between christians and non-christians alike on both sides. On either side, no matter the religion of the drafted human being, it was a fight to the death, physically forced, and indoctrinated through propaganda (the combination of the illusion of freedom of choice and the strong urge to do what is best for self and fellow man fails to control national populations in the age of the international internet) for the ultimate purpose of serving a means to an end (the political elites' desire to conquer the world.)

I am in the final stage of my 13 year experiment which was to think like Adolf Hitler (subconsciously) which began at the same time I began questioning the legitamacy of the US government and was inspired by my grandfather who was of Austrian descent along with some severe cases of police brutality. Having been raised Catholic as well as being attracted to his daily drug of choice at a very young age for no conscious reason, before I had ever purposely taken a psychoactive chemical, I saw some startling similarities, especially as my parents, thinking they were "doing the right thing" gave me felony theft charges after kicking me out on my 18th birthday after a high school career that was made up of them sending me to jail or rehab. However, I also, before even understanding political philosophy, was indoctrinated through my favorite music and people, to identify with Anarchist philosophy, and seperated myself from his goal of world conquest. Yes, I am aware of Zionism, the extremist, well-funded, usa-backed version of Judaism that led to the formation of the state of israel. Why would I kill all jews because of them? How could he be so fucking stupid? Then it hit me. Because of his knowledge of the corruption of others, a mental switch was accidentally flipped. The switch of Nationalism. Sacrificing it all for your country. Ultimate dedication and passion at all costs. This made his government equally shitty in comparison with the Soviet and Capitalist models and not in the service of MANKIND but "DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES."

If he has studied anarchism and buddist thought more deeply, he would've realized his National Socialist government was just as greedy and destructive to humanity as the Capitalist and Communist models looming over the planet. This critical error allowed the equally corrupt American and Russian governments to paint themselves, through mandatory education/propaganda starting around age 5, as post-war angels to their citizens. I have tried to show this past year, through my posts, "the other sides' perspective" along with modern-day evidence of wrongdoing on the highest of possible levels, of the US government, the police who in service of, destroyed my life. I want to thank Vladimir Putin and Russia Today for helping me get "the big picture" without making me feel bombarded to believe anything other than the US government sucks and is extremely fucked up and Noam Chomsky for his knowledge on libertarian socialism among other things. I used Noam Chomsky along with people I looked up to that I was acquainted with (leading me to the politics of Noam Chomsky) and the spirit of Hitler as my driving force. The teachings of Buddha and Christianity helped me when I was incarcerated and also helped to balance out the Hitler spirit I was channeling. I feel I have a rough idea of a better final solution than Hitler proposed through libertarian socialism - but how to achieve it? I don't think it would be that hard if people dedicated themselves to it. We need a Nuremberg 2.0 for Team America and friends and the demilitarization of all nations via an international task force, the soldiers of which are voluntary and approved by their local communities. Not a group of national soldiers being ordered around by billionaires and corrupt politicians (they go together - Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton.... their policy is the opposite. They want more minions. Make America great again, like it was when we holocausted a bunch of Japanese civilians and saved the world from imminent doom and proceeded to rape the entire planet.)

Let the guilty hang and start fresh with no parasites.

A cleansing is severely needed, but it encompasses all colors and nations and must be carried out with extreme attention and care, internationally and democratically, which will open up a higher, more correct, logical, realistic planetary identity taking the place of Nationalism which is just another word for Slavery, of course preserving local communities, but most likely destroying the economies of Slavery. Oh no. That sounds so horrible and delusuional and drugged out. I'm fucking crazy. Arrest me and let me pay you fines for fucking up my entire life. I must be a schizophrenic.