Hullo, and welcome to my little homepage. This page was written using the echo command
nano in a bash shell. Its plain html, and it roxxorz.

Ahem. On this page you'll find all info that i deem boring enough to torture all of you with.
It wont really be updated until after the 22nd of June, when i finish my exams. But then
I'll get some nice code up. Until then,


Update - 04.06.06

I've just added an info page for DIHARCNFTE. Find it here.

Update - 31.05.06

Well, i think i should open this site with a little picture of me.

Also, ill take the time here to inform you of upcoming projects. First off,
im going to be learning a little java with DIHARCNFTE, a telnetd for printers.
After that, im going to code Akira. No more details on that for now.
Everyone who should know about it does. Everyone else, you'll find out eventually.