A New Direction

Playing Catchup

Well I kind of dropped of the face of the earth there for a few months didn't I! I do have a good reason.. Kind of :P

Let's see, my last post was in October, and then i had Thanksgiving, and finals, and Christmas, and then I abruptly decided to change schools and majors all at the same time and that was kind of hectic, and then settling in again, and applying to this new school, and snow and rain and now it's nice outside so I have been taking care of the property we own and I have other homework etc.. So those are my reasons for not posting in a while.. Well five months :P

So I ended up changing schools and that was kind of stressful. Most people knew I wasn't doing as well as I wanted at that school and it was hard to keep up with all the homework without not sleeping (ever) and it wasn't very enjoyable at that school anymore, plus after talking to some relatives and friends who had gone through engineering before, a computer engineering major instead of a electrical engineering major with a concentration in computers (which is what i was doing) looks better and will serve me better when I am looking for a job / working. So after praying about it (a lot) and many phone calls to the school I wanted to transfer too and phone calls to my parents and other counselors I decided a switch would be best. I just keep praying that I did what God wanted me to do and I didn't miss something along the way.

So currently I am living at home for this semester while I attend a local community college doing some humanities courses and Differential Equations. I don't have as much homework with fewer credit hours which means I have more time to work on the farm, sleep, and generally be more stress free. Needless to say, it's been nice. It has been an adjustment being back with my parents and my siblings (who generally push my buttons better than anyone) but, Lord willing, I will be at another school this summer.

I plan on going to Tennessee Tech this summer and finishing out with a Computer Engineering degree. All of this is Lord wiling, but I am planning on rooming with two high school friends who are studying Chemical Engineering. We may have one other guy join us but that is still up in the air. So we should have a three room apartment (which is pretty awesome) with a kitchen and cable and is really close to the school. It will help us stay away from all those sinful distractions like the parties that seem to pop up on the weekends. When i visited them a few weekends ago we played video games, watched Psych, and then pulled pizza out of the Little Caesars Dumpster (it's a long story) for fun lol. We like to have a different kind of good time. Plus there are lots of caves and waterfalls and good hiking trails around the area and we all are avid outdoorsmen.

One of the guys will be living down there this summer working with a company he obtained an internship with not long ago. Hopefully I will be able to get a rush acceptance and be able to live down there and get a jump start and catch up on some of the classes I need to start out smoothly. Until then I will be here preparing for that by working and doing homework.

I still miss Grove City. It was kind of a love-hate relationship the past year. I was on OB and loved that and all the people I got to meet and work with. I loved the professors and all of the material was great and interesting and I like learning there. Unfortunately I hated the lack of sleep, stress, and lack of results when I would study all the time and not get any better grades... So here I am now, praying that I made the right decision.

It will be different not being around people who at least said they were Christian and more or less acted like it in public. That kind of security and living in that bubble was comforting when I didn't have to constantly check myself and make sure that I wasn't getting into anything that would be bad for my spiritual health. Hopefully now though i will have more time to work on my spiritual development in a stress free environment. It's a give and take.

To you back in Tennessee, it's nice spending more time with you while I am here; to you in Pennsylvania, I miss you all and hope to visit soon.