Stumbling the net.

Tonight I've been sitting up kind of late, talking once in a while on EFnet IRC network where I frequent the channels: #bonghit, #windows, #linux, and #chemistry. I find the people on EFnet are much nicer than some of the idiots on DALnet where I spent many years chatting on. But yeah, I haven't updated my little blog here in a while so I thought I'd do it tonight. I have been finding some interesting and not so interesting websites through StumbleUpon I highly recommend signing up for their service. Nothing can beat random website 'stumbling' when you are bored and have no idea what you want to look at or research. You can make it so that websites containing content that you are interested in pop up just by clicking a button. Very cool Web2.0! Links: , mIRC internet relay chat client

Posted by Wicked1 at 3:45AM | July 12 07

Greetings internet surfer.

I'd like to welcome you to The name of the domain doesn't really pertain to anything going on here. I made this domain name back when I had a clan on L2Godz Lineage2 server named Playerz. It used to host our clan's forum that we posted information and comments relating to the game. Sorry to all who try to visit this site looking for our forums, but as you know I haven't been involved in leading that clan for quite some time now. We all had our fun while it lasted and have moved onto different things. Greets to all Legacy alliance on L2Godz! I will be back one of these days to help you all out, but right now I don't have my own computer and this one isn't exactly the best gaming machine. Links: ,

Posted by Wicked1 at 11:25PM | July 1 07

Gave birth to a website.

This weekend I found myself with alot of time to just sit here in my bedroom, quite bored, and with the motivation to start a project. With myself unable to install any new software or mess around with this computer I thought I'd work on something like this. First I'd like to thank for the totally radical CSS template that you see here, and also for the free hosting. If you are interested in building your own site I suggest visiting that website first because they have quite alot of styles to choose from. I played around with one of them and had it all configured to my liking but soon got sick of it so I changed it around to the one you see now. That was all easy - the hard part is deciding on what kind of content I want to display on my site! I just figure I'll make my own blog/journal as the main idea for my website for now until I can think of other stuff. The above links are to offsite profiles of me from some of my favorite websites. Links: ,

Posted by Wicked1 at 1:30AM | June 29 07