do you have a personal confessional? for some people, that's what the internet
is for. it seems that the emphasis in the "news" is on making money, on selling
ad space, but, you know, what i like about the internet is... you.  i like to
read your stories, hear your songs, find out what you think is interesting. in
other words, to see the world in your eyes. 
note that if your way of being in the world is to try to sell me something, i am
much less interested in your story. you know, i do like stuff and i like
to see what people are coming up with. it's just that, you know, most of the
things for sale are useless crap that do nothing to make the world a better
place. i'm not going to preach and get too political, but, you know, making the
world a better place could just mean something that brings joy. do you really
think cola, processed cheeseburgers, and movies about guys with huge muscles and
guns make the world better?