Barn Interior, Rural Pennsylvania
Barn Interior, Rural Pennsylvania
view: 800x600

Joseph Hyde Photographs
Joseph Hyde is a Baltimore-based photographer
captivated by the photographic landscape.

Educated at the Rochester Institute of Technology,
Joseph returned to Baltimore in 1983 to establish
a base of operation for his photographic expeditions
and to live and work as a fine-art photographer.

In 1995 & 1996, Joseph refined his technical skills
under the excellent guidance of John Sexton,
an internationally respected photographer
and educator of fine printing craft.

Widely exhibited, Joseph Hyde's photographs
have recently been added to the following collections:

Ballard, Spahr, Andrews and Ingersoll in Baltimore
The Atlantic Restaurant in Baltimore
Ford Motor Company in Detroit
St. Martins Press in New York
The Downey Museum of Art in Los Angeles

Telephone: 410.319.9191