Breakthrough 2006 Worship

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The song list is as follows:

Friday Session    
  01 You Alone
  02 Holy is the Lord
  03 Let the Praises Ring
  04 Peace
  05 For These Reasons
Saturday (Before Speaker)    
  06 Jesus, You Are the One
  07 Everybody Praise the Lord
  08 Make a Joyful Noise
  09 Espiritu De Dios
  10 Majesty
  11 As You Truly Are
Saturday (After Speaker)    
  12 Peace
  13 Amazed
  14 All to You (I Surrender)
  15 Be The Center
  16 For These Reasons
  17 Blessed be Your Name
Sunday Session    
  18 You Alone
  19 Everybody Praise the Lord
  20 Amazed
  21 Make a Joyful Noise
  22 For These Reasons
  23 Let the Praises Ring