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Here is my personal rants :), Welcome to my super-duper site, I am Kannan from a small town   Udumalpet, TN, India .   My recent problem is not keeping quiet with my laptop and doing something like this !!.   I work for TCS as a software engineer.   Intrested in reading stuff in current affairs and tamil websites in net, also spend time(whatever left) on open source and linux.   I try my hand in photography (without understanding half of the stuff) in canon rebel digital SLR.   .. Above show that i am not good in this part (hate to answer this question in interview :) .. Enjoy your time in this site.   contact me kannank.udt[at]gmail[dot]com       More on my blog

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I got some of great noves by Kalki

Check out this .. these guys are crazy !!

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My world is not too Big; It is as the size of Google !! # !! Welcome AITEC MCA guys !! # !! Welcome Lucidteens !! # !! War doesn't prove who is right, just who's left !! # !! Welcome to my new home in silenceisdefeat.org !! # !! New NGM events page added !! # !!

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