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Specializing in Oracle 8i through 10g
Application Server 9i and 10g
Portal Implementation, Administration and Programming
Apache and Linux, Redhat and Suse

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Oracle Consulting   back to top
Oracle consulting services for large and small businesses.

  • Performance tuning
  • Extensive experience troubleshooting performance problems for real customers in real-world situations.
  • Trained by Oracle's top performance architects, billed to many satisfied Oracle customers at Oracle rates!

  • DBA Support
  • Mentoring; Knowledge transfer
  • Database monitoring using scripts and tools such as OEM and Patrol
  • Remote support

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle databases large and small
  • Upgrades.
  • Data migration.

  • Supporting Linux and many other UNIX platforms as well as NT

  • Configure/Install/Troubleshoot Oracle's Web and Forms Infrastructure
  • OAS.
  • iAS.
  • Apache.
  • Forms server on Unix & NT.

  • Oracle Applications DBA

  • Oracle Applications Patching and Patch Management

  • Languages   back to top
    Perl DBD/DBI
    Apache mod_perl
    Korn Shell
    Many years of C programming
    VAX PL/1(yes, it's true!)

    Linux/UNIX   back to top
    Linux(Red Hat) installation, configuration, and system administration. More than 16 years(since version .11) of Linux experience!

    Experience supporting Oracle and performing basic sysadmin tasks on the following operating systems:

  • Solaris
  • SunOS
  • HPUX 11.0
  • AIX
  • Windows NT 4.0

  • Find out more   back to top
    Want to get a REAL Oracle consultant, trained by Oracle, without paying Oracle rates?

    For more information, contact

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